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From Nakama: High school teacher Keigo is reaching the end of a major decision... being held by Eita, who he just met. The following morning after waking up, Keigo’s hair is cut short and he’s in a major panic!! “I cut it! <3” says Eita, an optimistic and charismatic hair artist from the famous hair salon, Beauty Stock. In the end, it turns that he has a fetish for Keigo’s hair and says that he loves Keigo’s hair type. Is he being too forceful!? The ultimate fetish LOVE series!! Note: Chapter 3 and 4 are about Nakatani, the guy who appeared at the end of chapter 2 (manicurist for Beauty Stock), and a high school boy named Minori. Minori has a complex about how beautiful he is, but Nakatani is just as pretty...

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