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Long, long ago, when things like VHS, Betamax and satellite broadcasting didn’t exist yet, there lived a boy who loved watching movies over anything else - until one day he found something much more interesting to do in the darkness of the movie hall…

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Ch.535 : 1 hour ago

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Ch.146 : 4 hours ago

Spirit Blade Mountain

Ch.252.5 : 4 hours ago

Ghost Love

Ch.46 : 5 hours ago

Clover (tetsuhiro Hirakawa)

Ch.381 : 16 hours ago

Madan No Ou To Senki 51 Until Death Do Us Part 214 Happiness (oshimi Shuzo) 32 Days 127 Lookism 115 Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi. 36 Fukushuu Kyoushitsu 25 Magi - Sinbad No Bouken 137 Seirei Tsukai No Kenbu 42 Keijo!!!!!!!! 157